So You Love Your Tattoos? Tell Us About Them!

Tattoo, mark, brand, ink, tat. Doesn’t matter what you call them. Truth is you love them! Well, most of them. At one time maybe you loved them, right?? Maybe not? But what is true is that they all have a story, whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em. So, tell us about them! The one you love. The one you hate. Who were you with when you got it? That’s gotta be a story. Who did it too! Most that are inked seem to have a favorite artist. Give ‘em a shout-out.

Here’s an example of some crazy guy we know…

So here is what we need:

  • 10 to 15 second video telling us about your ink. Don’t worry if its longer.
  • High definition recorded in the wide format.
  • Make sure that it’s an mp4, mov, or mpg video format.

We will pick out the best and post them to the site, Facebook and Twitter. Just understand that uploading or sending us the video gives us permission to use it!

Submit your file

Chris Potts

Chris is the “head honcho” and brains behind Inked2gether. This place is his brain-child. Drop him a line and let him know what you think!

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